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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dave, an enthusiastic northern fruits and berry grower

Dave is a fellow gardening enthusiast from central Alberta who writes an interesting AlbertaHomeGardening blog. Would you believe that plums, grapes, and kiwis grow just outside of Red Deer, Alberta? They do, Dave has proven it. There is a whole world of hardy fruit plants that can survive and even thrive on the northern prairies. Read more and learn about growing fruits and berries in a short growing season area.

More on hardy Trees and Shrubs: Hardy Trees and Shrubs: A Guide to Disease-Resistant Varieties for the North


  1. I would love to know where he found northern hardy cultivars? I'm in Grande Prairie but would love to try all of these!

    1. A very good question! I added the information: You can find all of these fruits at either DNA Gardens or T & T Seeds. It is also a good idea to see local garden centers, mostly they know best what is growing in your area - happy gardening!


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