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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What greenhouse to choose?

When it comes to gardening in colder climates, a greenhouse is almost a must have. It extends the growing season and gives the plants a lot more heat. With a greenhouse we can actually pick ripe tomatoes here and grow some plants that we would not be able to with out one. It can also be a great hang out place on those cool spring days and summer nights. There are several greenhouses to choose from ...


  1. thanks for sharing this! did you build your greenhouse yourself? where did you get the plans from and how much did it cost you? love the shape and i am sure it is very nice to have in your garden. would love to hear more!

    1. Yes, we did build the greenhouse, since it is such a lightweight structure, it is not expensive. We hope to have some time in the winter to write an instruction for the greenhouse. Check back sometimes for it ;)


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